Get Involved

ANYONE can help with our Mission to: promote and support the education and general welfare of individuals with learning disabilities and their families.

Professionals, students, parents, family members: whether you have a learning disability or not – We can use your expertise, viewpoint, and passion in fulfilling our mission.

So, if you want to be a part of this energetic, focused Ohio Affiliate and help people all people across Ohio receive the assistance they need for their learning disability, you can join through the LDA of America and you’ll automatically be a member of our affiliate.

If you’d like to talk to someone first, Email us HERE!

See below for more detail on our 2022 focus.

Donate Today

We know it’s tough to find time, but you can help by donating as well. Our funding goes directly to assistance and advocacy for every Ohioan who reaches out to us for help. Thank you for your help!


There are several task forces you might be interested in:

Adult Education Issues:  This group is formulating an accurate list of available and qualified psychologists to assess an adult for a learning disability, no matter where you live in Ohio.

Parent Education and Communication: This group is developing educational materials and a workshop to increase understanding and cooperation between parents and school personnell.  We also want to help parents in any district understand their rights and the process for helping their children.

Advocacy Committee: Alongside the LDA of America, we advocate for House Bills that will further our mission.  We’re also active supporters of the Healthy Children Project. Learn more HERE.

We always need board members!  We are currently looking for people with learning challenges to be on our board as we need your perspective when making decisions on our focus.

Other Committees / Specialized talent:

    • Social Media Maintenance
    • Website Maintenance
    • Nominating Committee
    • and more!                                                            

      Email us HERE to talk to someone in more detail!