School Psychologists, GED Program Coordinators, School and Test Site Administrators and so much more!

You live in the educational world with our families and adults with learning disabilities, and understand the struggle and how necessary accommodations can be.  Or maybe you don’t know, and you’re here to find out more.  What about your staff? Are they aware of nuances behind working with a child or adult with a learning disability?  If not, consider a workshop for your staff to help everyone understand the stress, frustration, embarrassment, anxiety, etc. that students or even co-workers with learning disabilities carry around most days.

Professional Organizations


The LDA of Ohio is connected with professional LD Instructors who will conduct workshops specifically focused on working with people with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. These workshops will give you key insights on some one-on-one techniques that can be used with any low-reader or someone struggling with basic math.

Workshops can range from a couple hours to a full day.  Or for professional development credit, we offer trainings up to 30 hours. We can help you choose a topic that is particular to your needs.  Email us HERE for more information about available workshops.

ALSO, we’re building a Directory of Services for all Ohians to access. It will detail easy-to-access and accurate database of reliable, affordable school psychologists, advocates, tutors with multi-sensory training, etc. for our fellow Ohioans to use. If you’re interested in being on this resource list, please fill out the appropriate form below:

A.  For Pyschologists who can also assess Adults:  Psychologist Registration

B.  Tutoring Resource List:  Coming Soon

C.  Parent Advocate:

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