Are you or a family member struggling with reading, math, or learning in general? You’re probably frustrated and have many questions. We’re here to help. We understand how confusing the process toward understanding and overcoming such a barrier to learning can be.

Contact us, and we can help. Below are some ways to connect with the basic help you need to start. Need an advocate? Contact us here.

Links to information on Ohio Law:

Update: Ohio Dyslexia Legislation

“Ohio Disability Laws You Should Know About”

Types of Learning Challenges


If you have a child in K-12, you have certain rights, and the school district needs to fulfill these rights under the Ohio disability laws. We can help you understand them, and if needed, we will help advocate for you in the IEP meetings. See Below to view all of Ohio’s disability laws. Have an upcoming IEP/504 meeting? Contact us HERE for advice.

The link below is a list of available psychologists we’ve compiled so far. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us here.

“Licensed Psychologist by Zip Code/Region”

All you need to do is enter your city and a list will pop up. A list with phone numbers is coming soon.

Links to Helpful Organizations

Ohio School Psychologist Association

The LD Edge Network – Cleveland

International Dyslexia Association

Special Education Advocate – MaryJo O’Neill

Special Education Advocate – Johnathan Steinbach



Getting yourself, or a child help in reading, math, etc. can be difficult and costly. We understand the barriers high prices can present. Once the presence of a learning disability is confirmed, the next step is tutoring help. If you have dyslexia, a specialized tutor is key to breaking through this barrier.

Below is a list of multi-sensory trained tutors who can help. We will also link some websites to this that have qualified individuals. Not everyone will tutor adults though, so if you’re having trouble finding a tutor, contact us HERE and we’ll do what we can to find you one.

Catherine Crowther-Doyle – Reading Tutor – Cleveland